Why Salons Offer You a Free Consultation

The clients that are most dissatisfied with a new haircut or colour are the ones who fail to take advantage of the salon's free consultation.

Hair is a science and without the correct information a lot can go wrong. Here are the reasons salons offer you a free consultation:


We need to know about your hair’s recent history

Your stylist needs to know everything about your hair. Every product that you used from the type of shampoo to your last colour service. This information will help them to choose products that will not interact with your hair’s chemistry or damage your hair.

Why we carry out tests on your hair

Salons will carry out several tests to check your hair’s health, compatibility strength, absorbency and elasticity. They also do alley tests to make sure you are not allergic to the bran or type of colours they use. If you had an allergy to colours in the past there are a lot of vegan and PPE free colours to choose from today.

The best time to book your free consultation

When making an appointment for a consultation, ask to have it at a quiet time when your stylist can give you their full attention. Don't settle for a rushed talk as this is where problems and misunderstandings can occur.

How to get the most out of your free consultations

Tell your stylist your hair likes and dislikes (bring up a picture on your phone). If you are unable to go to the salon for a face to face consultation, email or text a picture to the stylist before your salon service. This way there is a clear understanding and your stylist can inform you about the steps they will take to get you to your ultimate hair goal.

Your hair should totally be about your lifestyle (do you swim once a week?), about the occasion you are attending. What is your daily hair styling routine and include how capable you are at restyling your own hair.

How long will my consultation take?

Consultations can all be done in 10 to 15 minutes and you will find that most good hair salons will want and allow time for a hair consultation. Through time, as you and your stylist become better acquainted, the consultation will become easier and more of a follow up procedure.

We look forward to booking your free consultation.

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