Types of Shampoos for Men's Hair

Not all shampoos are the same. When you visit the salon our stylist looks at your hair type and determines which shampoo is right for you. You can do this too. Look at your hair: is it Dry, curly, wavy, coloured or thinning? Most good salons are happy to recommend a shampoo that is right for your hair type but here a few shampoos and how they work on your hair.


Volume Shampoo

Volume shampoo makes your hair bouncy and give it more body. It works by opening up the hair cuticles with ingredients that are weightless. This gives strength to lifeless strands and density to the hair so that it can appear fuller. Using these shampoos will add some body to your hair - they will provide that bounce which everyone with fine hair wants. This effect is not permanent. If you really want volume to last in your hair when styling your hair use a professional volume booster spray, volume mousse or a combination of both.

Colour Protecting Shampoo

After you get your hair coloured, it is very important to use shampoos that will help your hair colour last longer. It makes no sense to spend so much money on your hair and then use products that might remove your colour. A good colour care shampoo will be free from sulphates and parabins and will have ingredients like kelp, algae or oils to keep your hair colour safe.


If you have dry itchy scalp or dandruff, a shampoo with coal tar or ketoconazole are mostly recommended to help solve this problem. Nizoral medicated shampoo does a great job of getting rid of this common scalp condition. Always follow the instruction on the label. If your scalp has not cleared up after four weeks of treatment you should consult your doctor or pharmacist for advice.

Daily Shampoo

If your hair is natural and in good health with (no colour frizzing, thinning or heat damage) a simple everyday shampoo is good for you. In our salon we use American Crew's simple daily for men with healthy hair.

Hydrating Shampoo

If your hair is damaged from heat styling, home colouring or hot weather. Hydrating products add moisturiser while also working to repair your hair over time. A deep Hydrating shampoo and conditioner will penetrate your hair strands and repair damage over time. If your hair is dry or really damaged from heat, for best results we suggest you use a deep repair mask.

Claryfing Shampoo

Over time products can build up on your hair. If you like to use wax, mousse, paste or gels to finish your hair a clarifying shampoo can be used to cleanse your hair and remove oils. A stronger clarifying shampoo can be used on a weekly or monthly basis to help remove hard water deposits, chlorine from swimming, or other impurities.

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