Top Haircuts and Trends for Men in 2018

With the excitement of the 2018 World Cup a lot of top footballers are sporting trendy haircuts from our home grown Harry Kane and Raheem Sterling to Neymar to Messi. Here are a few current men’s haircuts that you will see on our screens this summer.

The Ivy League

This hair cut can be vintage and traditional. This haircut is go-to style that most men can pull off without complicated instructions or use of too much styling products. The cut is pretty flexible too.

For a more formal or office look go for a graduated finish. To keep cool in the summer months or for a casual finish a low fade or crop can offer tons of contrast. Ask your stylist or barber for 2 to 3 inches on top and shorter on the sides.

The French Crop

Like most cropped hairstyles this can be customised. One major benefit of this haircut is that it can be customised and tends to fit most face shapes. This cut can be textured, spiked or choppy. Why not add a bit of colour to your cut?

Brighten up you French crop cut with a professional colour as DIY colours might end up being expensive to correct. Remember to use a deep conditioner once a week and invest in some purple shampoo to stop that bright clean colour from turning yellow.

Mid fade with Hard Parting

There are so many variations in hair fading. You can have a low fade, mid fade or even a high fade.

This mid fade cut is ideal if you wish to keep a short look which gives you the choice of spiking your hair while it is short . You can also grow your hair into a new look like a low skin fade with a brushed up fringe or a high fade with pompadour.


Must-Have Styling Products

Hair Wax – Is ideal for short hair (2 to 3 inches) and can be used to keep the hair in place whilst adding low to medium shine. A pea size amount rubbed into the palms, pulled through your hair will add texture. A small bit on the root makes a finish last longer by holding your hair in place.

Fibre Pomade – This product is ideal for thick hair and offers high hold with no shine. Must only be applied to dry hair. It gives you that tousled just got out of bed look. Can also be used by men who don’t have thick hair.

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