Top Autumn Hair Trends for 2018

Summer hair was bright with ice blonds, rose gold, sun-kissed highlights and lots of creative colouring. The season is changing and so are hair trends. If you are thinking about a new hair colour now is the time to try something new or emerging. You can make small subtle changes (with Insta-techniques, semi-permanent colours or partial highlights) or go for a totally new look like a Sombre with a Root drag.

In London we are seeing a mixture of colour and trends. These include: Spiced Cider, Multifaceted Platinum, Chestnut, Copper, Tonal Blonds, Instalights, Babylights, Darkened Rose Gold, Instarevive, Instacontouting and Instapop. There is also the well loved Balayage and Ombre along with the softer more modern Sombre look. Here are the most popular trends that clients are requesting in salon this season.


Warmer Tones

If you are like most women you try to fight the warmer tones in your hair so it is good to know that people are beginning to accept this. For autumn we are replacing violet and ash tones with warmer tones like chestnut, hazel and copper. Darker colours added more depth and make your hair look fuller, healthier, shiny and radiant. If you had a lighter hair colour you don’t have to go immediately to a dark colour. you can gradually transform your hair like we did with Gemma in this picture.



Sombre Hair Colour

A softer version of ombre. It is a very subtle and fashionable look, loved by many celebrities. This technique makes your hair colour look softer and more natural.

Blonde Multifaceted Platinum

If you have blonde hair and are bored with just one platinum colour, the multifaceted platinum is ideal for you. The stylists use a beautiful mix of colours (can be done with highlights, lowlights and babylights) to give you different shades. This will give you a combined mix of colours and your hair will look shiny with several tones almost like an opal stone.

Faster Hair Highlight Services

Other trends that are very popular for autumn are quicker hair colouring and highlighting services. L'oreal is cutting your salon colour time with their new lightening cream that gives you 6 levels of lift in 15 to 30 seconds. Instalights, Instarevive, instacontouring and Instapop gives you express hair in an hour.

These services are popular because they are fast. They reduce your salon time and can be done with your existing service. If you go in your salon for root smudge, adding a few foils to your hair will add more dimension and tones.

INSTALIGHTS- Are you after lighter pieces that can brighten your look on the spot? This is a quick way to brighten up your haircolour. Your stylist will add 10 to 15 woven highlights all over your hair. This is used to add strands of colour for a sun-kissed effect or to brighten your overall look.

INSTAREVIVE- is fast and is perfect for a quick refresh between your Ombre or Balyage appointments.

INSTACONTOURING- This clever colour placement and smart technique is used to frame your face and accentuate your facial features. This technique is a great introduction to colour and is popular with clients who haven’t tried colour before.

INSTAPOP- Add block sections of pastel colour to your hair.

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