The “Money Piece” New Hair Colour Trend for Winter and 2020

Updated: Apr 29

Hair colouring that lets you spend less time in the salon, is low maintenance and won’t break your pocket.

What is the "Money Piece" hair colour look? This is when your hair stylist uses flashes of bright colour around your hairline. It is used to upgrade your existing look or to add a flash of colour. It can be done with highlights, free hand painting ( Balayage, French Balayage, Ombre or Sombre) or by combining a few of these hair colouring methods.

The "Money Piece" hair technique is used to lift your complexion, highlight your facial features or to make your existing hair colour pop! The best thing about this trending hair colour is that it gives your hair a natural look, it grows out softly, requires low maintenance, takes less time and doesn’t cost a lot.

This is an ideal way of trying a new hair colour or getting a fresh hair look without all the fuss! Here are our favourite “money piece" subtle looks and “money piece” transformation we did in the salon.


Deep Brunette Caramel Money Piece

We love this subtle mid-lengths to end flash of caramel colour. It really brightens up her hair.

Babylights Highlights Money Piece

AJ took her inspo from one of her favourite celebrities. She wanted to refresh her highlights. Valentina created this look in the salon.

Balayage Money Piece - Hand Painted

We love the look of using hand painting and back combing to frame the face.

The Balayage, Ombre, Teasey Lights Money Piece

We love how the combination of hair colour methods in this hair colour adds dimension. This client had an Ombre refresh to make her face colour brighter.

Hair Transformation - Full Head “Money Piece” Look

Sue came to us after trying a number of other salons. We know we had to give her the best look possible for her daughter's event. Nikki (our top salon consultant) used a combination of methods to repair and improve Sue’s broken, over-processed and damaged hair. Here are our before and after pictures. We were so happy to get this message from Sue “Thank you all so much again... everyone’s saying this is the BEST hair colour i’ve had...".

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Written by. T.T.Powell

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