Spring Trends - Hair Bangs! Small Hair Tweaks

Updated: Jul 26, 2019

happy woman with bangs fringe

We are enjoying longer spring days and are looking for the ideal haircut and colour to take us from our spring to summer looks. We are after brighter more interesting looks, the must have look for spring 2019 is all about BANGS! I know right? this word sounds funny to me too. I keep associating it with the sound of a gun.

When it comes to fringes there are lots to choose from! There is practically a fringe to fit every face type. The most important thing to bear in mind is that a fringe does not have to be straight or just above the eyebrows. You can chose a partial fringe, a micro or baby bang/ fringe, a round fringe, a side fringe a parted fringe or even the famous Bardot fringe. The Bardot fringe was made popular by Bridgette Bardot in the 60’s and is where your hair is parted in the middle and each side swept away from the face.

Bang is just an American word for a fringe but they're not just any kind of fringe. A bang (is a fuller thicker fringe) that your stylist will twist around to cut. The main things that will define your bang from a regular fringe is that it will have longer layers around the side and not straight over your brows. A longer fringe is ideal if you are looking for a hairstyle that is low maintenance and easy to style.

To see our salon educator cut a fringe, go to our YouTube channel.

woman with bangs fringe

This spring we recommend a subtle hair change or small hair tweaks. I know that we sometimes feel like an entire hair change is needed but these subtle, small changes we suggest can give your face a fresh new look. Out top suggestions are - Do a few colour flashes, half-head Instalights or Balayage. You can use a semi-permanent hair colour (colour flashes can be creative pink, blond or purple. You can be as creative as you like) as these colours are easy to wash out. These small colour change are gradual and are easy to remove if you don’t like them. And if you like your trial colour? your stylist is half way to helping you reach your summer hair colour goal.

Add a bit of texture or movement to your hair with beachy or bent in hair waves. These waves can give you natural movement and texture. This will give your hair an effortless look while keeping it bang on trend! They are easy to achieve with a finishing product like sea salt spray. Like fashion hair trends revolve so this spring summer we will be seeing a lot of easily achievable tweaks. Here are our simple faves: wear a messy bun or a low bun, try long braids, try face-framing tendrils and a must try this summer is the wet look waves.

To see our stylist doing hair flash follow this link to our YouTube page: https://youtu.be/9_RyHIyRpOM

If you read our blog or try any of our looks. Feel free to drop us a line or share a picture of your trial look with us.

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