New Hair Trends for Summer 2021

After a year of unscheduled lockdowns, it looks like we might be able to have a bit of a summer for 2021! Let’s cheer ourselves up with some summer brightness.

Here are some of the hair trends that we will be seeing this summer.


French Balayage

Similar to regular balayage, French balayage is freehand painting. Our stylists paint colour onto your hair with a soft bristle brush designed to create soft strokes. Each stroke is personalised to fit your hair and creates the desired natural finish.

Do you want to go lighter this summer? A French balayage gives your hair a sun-kissed glow crafted just for you, a natural-looking finish, and is easier to maintain than highlights. It’s an excellent look for summer days!

At Bagham Barn Hair salon, our stylists and tutors are trained in the French art of balayage and will personalise your colour to suit your individual look, face shape and desired finish.

Mod Bangs

Mod fashions used to be really popular in the 60s. Like a curtain bang, mod bangs are typically heavier and thicker, and styled across your forehead resting above your eye lashes— giving you that ‘just chilling’ look.

Natural Silver Hair Colour

We are starting to see a lot of women (and men) learning to love the silver tones in their hair. They are veering away from high-maintenance upkeeps and are asking us to remove the yellow and orange tones that can make hair look dull and brassy between the growing-out phase.

We recommend that clients use a gloss between washing and conditioning. A gloss helps keep a cool tone and remove unwanted warm tones. Another way to maintain a cool, less brassy look is by using purple shampoo.

Copper Hair Colour

Red was one of the must-have hair colours for 2o20. This year, we are seeing warm, naturally blended tones like coppers and chestnut, which are warmer and more muted. Lockdown has given us new habits and clients have become more relaxed, preferring a more natural look that doesn't require a visit to the salon every few weeks. A lot of our clients want colours with longer lifespans.

"For us, it's all about that subtle hint of colour. These shades look great on any hairstyle."

- Bagham Barn Hair Team

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