Must Have Haircuts and Hair Products in 2020

We have been doing lot’s of hairstyles and trying some new products in the salon this winter and we are excited to share our finds and results with you. Here are few of our top picks in hairstyles and products that you will be seeing a lot in 2020.

Not all hair is the same so not all products will give the same results on your hair. We always have to think about the things that might affect our hair like; the season, the condition of our hair ( is it in it’s natural state? Has it been coloured or lifted) and for some people there are hormonal, medical and biological differences that can affect your hair. With this in mind, we love it when clients ask us about products and hair styles that will work on their hair type. Here are our top picks for this year.


Invisible layering -

This hair cut is the opposite of the shag ( see below for details on this type of haircut ). In the invisible layering your stylists adds movement using subtle layers that start below your chin. This haircut keeps the length of your hair while adding movement and volume. This kind of hair styling works internally to create volume, texture and fullness without removing length from the outer layers. This layering technique typically works best on mid-length to long hair. This haircut Is perfect for thin hair and keeping your length.

One Length Haircuts

A one length haircut is completed by cutting the hair to the same perimeter length and form using the natural fall of your hair. The natural fall refers to the natural position your hair grows in. This is an easy to maintain cut and gives your hair a smooth, straight, thick look. This style is ideal if you have long think hair and isn’t looking for a high maintenance hairstyle. It is not ideal if you have fine or thin hair. The easiest way to make fine hair appear more fuller and thicker is to add texture throughout.

A New Type of Bob Haircut

It seemed like every celebrity got a bob, lob or a shaggy bob in 2019. This timeless haircut cut isn't going anywhere in 2020. A good bob never goes out of fashion. This hairstyle gained popularity in the sixties and shows no sign of going away soon. In fact, 2020 is set to be an even bigger year for this stunning cut. “ If you decide to keep your bob haircut why not try something new? if you have a blunt or layered bob why not go for a rough, short or even choppy bob to renew your existing looks or to revive the cut you already have.

The “Modern Shag” Haircut

Bobs aren’t the only classic look that will be coming back form the past. For 2020 we are predicting a revival of the shag haircut. This cut was popular in the 80’s and will be making a come back in 2020. The shag hair is layered to various lengths. It was created by the barber Paul McGregor. The layers are often feathered ( which creates a choppy look) at the top and sides of the head. Layering the hair gives a fuller look around the crown and a thinner look around the edges.

Olaplex Bonding Oil

As you know we use a lot of Olaplex bond protector in our hair colour work to keep our client’s hair health. To add shine to dry frizzy hair we have been using Olaplex Bonding Oil - This oil is highly-concentrated, yet it doesn’t weigh down your hair . We love the fact that it repairs the hair while we style and finish it. We like the way it adds shine, softness, and brightens hair colours. If you are looking for a leave in heat treatment it protects your hair for up to 450°. And best of all it helps to tames frizzy fly away hair.

Key benefits of using bonding oil:

  • Repairs damaged and compromised hair

  • Protects and strengthens your hair from within-

  • Restores healthy appearance and texture

  • Improves shine, and gives you manageability

Percy and Gore Range of products

Michelle our regular client said to us “ do you know about the two guys called Adam and Paul that do all the celebrity hair on strictly?”

We had no idea what products she was on about and had to find out. We have tried a few of Percy and Gore products and we are in love with the ;

wonder balm, the treatment oil and the wonder overnight recovery treatment. We like the way the recovery product repairs damaged hair while sleeping. It works well for adding moisture and shine too.

***** Our Top tip to add shine to your hair in the winter *****

Along with weekly deep conditioning treatment try rinsing your hair for a good minute with freezing cold water after you’ve washed and conditioned it. The cold water seals the cuticles, promotes shine, encourages blood flow to the scalp and encourages healthy hair growth.

*We would love to hear from you. If you try any of the products we recommend for any of our hair tips, send us your feed back on any of our social medial links.


Bagham Barn Hair Team

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