How to Keep Your Hair In Place During Your Wedding Celebrations

Updated: May 2, 2019

Tighter and Higher

Ask your stylist to make your hair tighter and higher than you actually want it to be - if your wedding day style will be a tousled loose look, starting with it up higher and tighter will allow the curls to set and the extra volume will keep the shape. Nature, humidity, rain and gravity will always work against you. To avoid disappointment start with really tight curls that are pinned up on your head so that by the the time your ceremony starts, your hair will be perfectly relaxed and tousled.

Add Volume

Even if your hairstyle is simple and does not require a lot of volume. Ask your stylist to add a little bit of back combing as this will stop your hair from looking dead and flat before the ceremony starts.

Extra Hold

Every good hairstylist knows that in order for your hair to stay in place you need to finish your hair with a professional finish. For our brides we always use a soft hair spray that offers natural movement with maximum hold.

Hacks on the Day

If you have a hair-up hairstyle, for you own peace of mind you can choose to carry extra bobby pins (5 to 10) and a small can of hair spray. Buy a travel size hair spray in medium-to-strong hold so that your maid of honour can spritz your hair throughout the day or evening.


Fuss Free Hair Styles

We have selected a few fuss free classic looks that will be easy for you to maintain from morning to evening. It's your big day and the last thing you want to have to worry about is a hairstyle that you will not be able to maintain. One determining factor that you will need to consider is the weather and how this can affect your overall look.

The Chignon

This classic look can be worn on its own or with accessories. This bride wanted a simple fuss free look for an elegant gown.

If it's a wet, humid day you might consider going for a hair-up ( like a messy bun or chignon). On a cooler day you can keep warm with a simple braided look with loose beach waves or a side sweep with curls can do the trick and will be easy to wear and maintain.

Loose Curls

We have transformed these simple loose curls with a green and pink flower crown.

See our salon's video for bridal hair and make-up here:

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