Hair Colour Trends for Spring / Summer 2021

When we emerge from lockdown number 3, there is going to be a lot of hair growth and regrowth. For a cool and refreshing look, we will be seeing modern do's and some old redo's. These include solid under-colour and chunky flashes.

There is no need to worry, as this spring and summer we will be seeing a lot of roots! Root drag, root shadow and root smudge will be everywhere this season. So if you fell in love with your root growth this winter, here are some excellent ideas of how to keep and maintain your roots.


Solid under-colour hair and chunky flashes

Do you remember a few years ago when the rainbow under-colour was popular? This spring and summer, get ready to see more solid under-colour and chunky blocks in hair fashion trends.

This type of colouring is ideal to add warmth, depth and tone to your hair. It also saves on time, when the days are beautiful and you want to spend less time in the salon. While your highlights are processing, your colourist can refresh your solid under-colour or a few chunks/flashes.

Blocks and chunks/flashes are just what we need to make us feel better after a long, dark winter. You can be creative by asking your stylist to place your chunky flashes in the place that compliments your eyes, cheekbones or best facial feature. These colours give you lovely contrasting, depth and dimension that pops when you wear your hair up.

Root Shadow

A root shadow is achieved by adding a slightly lighter or darker shade of colour to the root of your hair. This will creates a soft and seamless look which gives your hair a natural look. With a root shadow, there is no need to worry about your regular hair routine as it can be done along with your usual hair colour, balayage or highlight.

Root Smudge

Root smudge is also known as smudging or colour melting, as it helps to give the hair a harmonious transformation into regrowth. If you want to avoid the noticable, unnatural line betweeen your roots and mid-lenghts, this is the ideal colour for you.

During your free consultation, ask your stylist what is the right root-to-length ratio for your haircut, face shape and parting. The best thing about a root smudge is that you can go for a shade close to your natural hair colour. You also have the option of customising your smudge by making it lighter, cooler, warmer or darker. Like a good balayage, a root smudge can be low maintenance and can last between eight to twelve weeks.

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