5 Tips on How to get your Hair Ready for Summer

1. Get Rid of the Damage

Just before summer starts. Get a haircut! While split ends might go unnoticed during a dreary winter month, the summer sun might shine light through and magnify those dead ends. A haircut will get rid of those splits ends whilst adding movement and texture to hair.

2. Brighten Up

If you have always wanted to get brighter hair? Summer is the season to add some highlights! Make sure you ask your stylist for a natural-looking colour. Why not go for a combination of colours with highlights and lowlights. Bleach blonde highlights don’t look good on everyone so try a combination of caramel and gold for that sun kissed look.

3. Pick Some Products

If your salon-straightened hair becomes frizzy after a few minutes in the humidity, you will need a product that will get rid of those curls! There are plenty of effective and affordable anti-frizz creams, sprays, and serums, so (ask your stylist to recommend a professional product) and apply some before you head outside. Also, keep in mind that going to the beach, being out in the sun, or taking a dip in the pool can result in damaged hair. Salt from sea water, chlorine from pool water, and sunshine can all lead to dull and dried hair. To repair your hair, use an intense moisturizing conditioner or leave-in conditioner.

4. Try a few Summer Hairstyles

Soft beach waves, plaits and braids are in this season, as they’re effortless yet elegant. Try different styles and see which works best for you!

5. Try Hair Accessories

Summer is the season to try fun hair accessories, from hair extensions, bobby pins, hair clips, tiaras, bows and colourful scarves. Why not invest in some fashionable hats? A hat not only make you stand out in the crowd but can protect your hair and face from sun damage. A straw hat is perfect for the beach, while a panama hat can dress up your cute summer outfit. If hats are not for you. Try a hair tie or just go with a classic multi-coloured scarf around your hair. A scarf can double up to protect you from the sun while keeping your hair in place.

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